Bespoke Pressure Vessel & Equipment Solutions

Developed from our many years of experience in design and manufacture of transportable tanks for the offshore oil and gas industry, Suretank offers a complete range of custom atmospheric & pressure vessel equipment to a wide range of industries
Suretank will build either to its own design or, if available, to the client’s own design and always meets the client’s individual quality and design requirements.

Our Bespoke Product Range includes…

Stainless Steel Vessels

  • Process vessels and silos for the food and beverage industry
  • Pharmaceutical process vessels
  • Potable Water Tanks
  • Chemical Storage/Disposal Tanks
  • Vacuum Operated Waste Tanks
  • Demountable Tanks

Carbon Steel Vessels

  • Cement Silos Offshore/Onshore
  • Waste Tanks
  • Tanks for non-refrigerated Liquified Gases (LPG, Ammonia, etc.)
  • Chemical Storage/Disposal
  • Vacuum Operated Waste Tanks

Non-Ferrous/Exotic Vessels

  • Built in titanium, aluminium, duplex SS, Hastelloy

Lined Vessels

  • We can offer tank linings in PFA, Teflon, PE, various types of rubber, phenolic, glass flake, epoxy and many other types of material

Temperature Controlled Vessels

  • Electrically heated, steam, glycol cooling systems 

Bespoke Cryogenic Tanks

  • Refrigerated Liquified Gases (such as Liquid Nitrogen, Oxygen, etc.)

Other services we provide

Design Codes

Suretank can build to the following design codes…

  • ASME VIII Div 1
  • ASME VIII Div 2
  • EN13445
  • PD5500
  • EN286-3
  • EN14025
  • EN14015
  • EN13530
  • AD Merkblatter

Design Features

Suretank can offer the following design features…

  • Shells (400 – 4000mm diameter, up to 20m in length, 20mm+ thickness)
  • Dished Ends (Torispherical/Ellipsoidal, square/joggled ends) Cones with or without transition knuckle
  • Flat Ends (stiffened/unstiffened)
  • Up to 250m3 Capacity
  • Up to 30 Barg Design Pressure
  • Designed For Vertical/Horizontal Offshore Lift
  • Split Design to allow for install of rubber membrane
  • External 2-pack Paint Systems up to C5 corrosivity category
  • Internally lined coated to suit cargo (polyethylene/rubber/fluoropolymer/PTFE/polyurethane)
  • Bolted/hinged man-lids with or without davit arms
  • Trace electrical/steam channel heating
  • Glycol cooling channels
  • Mineral wool insulation and 316 SS/Aluminium/GRP cladding
  • Foil backed EPDM foam insulation
  • Spray foam Insulation
  • Fire Protection Systems/Intumescent Paint
  • Top walkway c/w handrails & access ladder with safety cage & safety gates (fixed/removable/collapsible)
  • Level Gauges: mechanical float type or radar operation; remote reading option available on request
  • Pneumatic Control Panels
  • Site surveys and installation

Materials of Manufacture

Suretank use the following materials in the manufacture of it’s vessels…

  • Austenitic stainless steel (e.g., 304 (1.4301)/316 (1.4401))
  • All types of Carbon Steel (Structural & Pressure/EN & ASTM Grades)
  • Duplex & super duplex Stainless Steel (S31803 (1.4462)/S32750 (1.4410))
  • Titanium SB265 Gr 2/3.7035
  • Aluminium
  • Copper Nickel Alloys
  • Hastelloy
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Dissimilar Metal Welding

Testing & Reporting

All our products go through rigorous testing prior to their dispatch, and include the following…

  • Periodic Tests according to regulations
  • Hydrotest/Pneumatic Test
  • Testing of Safety Relief Valves
  • Riboflavin Testing
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • MPI
  • DPI
  • Radiography
  • Thickness Testing
  • Eddy Current


As part of the on-going maintenance of our products, Suretank can assist and offer the following services…

  • Structural/pressure boundary repairs
  • Weld Repairs
  • Insulation or cladding patching/replacement
  • Lining Repairs

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