Cryogenic Solutions

Suretank offers a range of offshore Cryogenic Tanks designed to safely and efficiently move refrigerated liquified gases offshore.

We offer a 2000USG, 3000G and a 4000USG as our standard offerings, however, other sizes are available on request.

Design Codes/Standards include DNV2.7-1, ISO10855, ADR/RID, IMDG, ASME VIII, ISO1496, CSC. ASME U-Stamp and PED are available on request along with a host of other standards such as NORSOK, etc.

Tanks are approved for use for liquid nitrogen, liquid argon and liquid oxygen, however, they can be adapted for use with LNG, CO2 etc. Tanks are available in range of working pressures from 3 Bar to 22 Bar.

Cryogenic Tanks come with the following features as Standard, such as Removable Walkway, Bolted Vessel, Hastings Valve c/w Thermocouple vacuum gauge, which allows the vacuum to be checked on the tank without opening the vacuum space

Static Cryogenic Tanks

Suretank offer a range of static Cryogenic tanks ranging from 40L Cryogenic Dewar’s right up to 25,000L Storage Vessels.

Our Dewar’s are full Stainless Steel Construction and pipework can be configured to suit exacting requirements.

Certification to ASME as standard with PED & U-Stamp also available.

Our larger storage tanks can be completely customized to meet site requirements from footprint to capacity. 316 SS Pipework as standard as well as Combined Pressure Level Gauge.

Evaporation rates from as low as 0.4% per day with a range of working pressures available.

Transport Cryogenic Tanks

Suretank offer a 20ft 5000USG Cryogenic Tank for intermodal transportation of refrigerated liquified gases. Standard working pressures range from 17 – 24 Bar.

Design Codes/Standards include, ADR/RID, IMDG, ASME VIII, AD Merkblatter, EN13530. ASME U-Stamp and PED available on request.

Tanks are designed with 9 high stacking so no issue when shipping via deep sea. Pipework is arranged in lockable 316 SS Cabinets at the side of the tank for ease of operation. Tank is supplied with an integrated Pressure building unit.

Cabinet can be modified to accept a cryogenic transfer pump

We also offer a range of truck mounted cryogenic tanks which are specifically designed to be mounted directly onto the body of the truck without any supporting framework.

These are primarily based off our standard 2000USG and 3000USG but can be customized to meet your exact requirements.

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