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A60 control cabin is most advanced yet

A60 control cabin is most advanced yet

I am very pleased to have completed what is the most complex engineered cabin we have ever produced at Suretank.

The A60 is being used as a control cabin and will house up to six operators on an oil rig in a hazardous location.

The planning, design and build process for this cabin was particularly involved and the quality control has been as rigorous as you would expect. The result is absolutely fantastic and will give comfortable, functional, working accommodation for operators and their control equipment with a clear view of the outside workings on the rig.


The safety aspects of the design are really quite intricate, mainly due to the alarm systems and interlocks that have been installed to ensure safety in the offshore environment. The control panel has been specifically designed to monitor all parameters within the unit and will activate a full shutdown of electrical systems in the event of any alarm condition. It really is a very clever piece of equipment.

The approach that we took during the development process was focused on consultative communication with our customer. This was marked by a range of precise customer requirements over and above our usual DNV 2.7-1 and 2.7-2 compliance procedures.

This job has proved that anything is possible when it comes to A60 customisation. We built it from the ground up and it meets all of the safety requirements you would expect are in place to guard safety of workers on oil rigs.

A60s can be used for many other more simple applications including accommodation modules, gymnasiums, staff rooms and other applications.

It was great to have the customer visit and provide final sign off on the project so we could wave it goodbye on its journey to the rig and we are all really looking forward to the next A60 project.

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