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Greg is an expert in offshore chemical tanks and containers and manages the supply of product into the Asia Pacific region

Vertical Chemical Tanks destined for special use in Malaysia

We recently supplied four specialised vertical T11 chemical tanks for a customer in Malaysia. Certified to DNV 2.7-1, EN12079 and the IMDG code, the 2,900 Litre capacity tanks were not only engineered to meet the rigorous standards required for the offshore oil and gas industry, but also to meet specific parameters set by the end user. As with all ...
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Hammer Transport Baskets to Siberia

As a global manufacturer we deliver to customers all over the world and recently delivered a batch of Hammer Transport Baskets to Siberia. The 10 and 11 metre Hammer Transport Baskets were supplied for the storage and transportation of differing models of the Hydrohammers which are used for driving piles and steel piping. Working closely with the c...
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Suretank Engineering Expertise Utilised in Construction of the Mahanakhon Tower in Bangkok

Suretank Engineering Expertise Utilised in Construction of the Mahanakhon Tower in Bangkok

At Suretank, we are well known for our engineering expertise within the Oil and Gas sector and have an established reputation for quality, safety and product integrity.

The level of design complexity and engineering required in the production of some of the specialist equipment that we supply for use in the offshore environment is often taken for granted as it is simply what we do.

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Custom built workshops in AsiaPacific

Custom built workshops in AsiaPacific

At Suretank Thailand we are proud of our reputation for providing high quality, competitively priced offshore containers and tanks to some of the most high-profile and well-respected companies in the oil and gas services sector operating in the AsiaPacific region.

We work closely with our customers to design and build units that exactly meet their specific requirements. One of our more recent projects is a fine example of our proven capability to manufacture customised offshore containers.

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Safe offshore tanks and containers for the Sakhalin sea

One of the areas that Suretank has a great deal of involvement in is the Sakhalin region off the East Coast of Russia.

This area is going through an ongoing upgrading process to all cargo carrying units with a view to making continuous improvements to safety and durability of products in the oil field.

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