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Greg is an expert in offshore chemical tanks and containers and manages the supply of product into the Asia Pacific region

Worldwide DNV Certification

Anyone working in the offshore industry knows that safety is of paramount importance and more and more markets are starting to demand high standards with regards the quality and safety of offshore equipment. It's something that we've always recognised at Suretank, engineering only the highest quality products.  We're very proud of the fact that we're the largest manufacturer of DNV certified products in the world and the only company to develop all of its products to DNV certification.Having global standards, such as DNV, that offshore equipment must adhere to is extremely important in ensuring that standards remain high and it's encouraging to learn of developments in markets such as New Zealand where in the near future it may become mandatory for all offshore cargo carrying equipment to be certified to DNV2.7-1. Suretank has invested heavily in equipment and processes to ensure a high quality product is produced at ALL our factories worldwide and so we welcome any developments in this area.

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Delivering global customised tank solutions

I was recently involved in heading up a project with one of our customers, Halliburton, in Asia which required us to engineer and install a range of highly customised tanks for an on board modular stimulation plant in Kakinada, India.

It was a challenging project for us but one that we were able to deliver on successfully because of the engineering expertise that we have globally across all of our manufacturing sites. The tanks, which included a lined acid transport tank for transporting full strength hydrochloric acid, custom designed dual compartment lined mixing tanks and large brine and gel mixing tanks, were manufactured in our sites across China, Thailand and Ireland.

Dealing with one supplier for all the tanks simplified the process for the customer and because all of our products are manufactured to DNV 2.7-1 standards we could assure them of the quality on all the products.

The tanks had a host of special requirements and the success of the project was because of our people in all of our locations. Three factories and our engineering design team at head office were involved. They listened to what the customer wanted; developed and modified the different equipment from each factory and delivered premium quality assured products.

We have already started work on our next project with Halliburton and as always will aim to deliver the same level of engineering expertise and innovation.

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