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Greg is an expert in offshore chemical tanks and containers and manages the supply of product into the Asia Pacific region

Custom built workshops in AsiaPacific

Custom built workshops in AsiaPacific

At Suretank Thailand we are proud of our reputation for providing high quality, competitively priced offshore containers and tanks to some of the most high-profile and well-respected companies in the oil and gas services sector operating in the AsiaPacific region.

We work closely with our customers to design and build units that exactly meet their specific requirements. One of our more recent projects is a fine example of our proven capability to manufacture customised offshore containers.

Four custom built 20ft offshore workshops with a separate transportation skid have been designed, built and delivered to a customer in AsiaPacific.  The sophisticated design features an explosive safe (Atex Zone 2), electrics and air conditioning.

Other requirements included special storage capacity (cabinets, drums and containers), fully insulated walls and the design and installation of an internal gantry crane.

As with all Suretank products, the workshops have been built to the highest quality and safety standards including DNV 2.7-1.

Turning a customer's concept into a reality is never without its challenges, but it's something that we thrive on across the Suretank Group.  We are always looking forward to the next project and the opportunity to showcase our engineering excellence.


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