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Suretank provide engineered solutions including offshore tanks and containers for the offshore oil and gas sector.

ERP investment update

ERP investment update

Producing and supplying offshore tanks and offshore containers for the oil and gas industry from numerous locations across the globe is complex and requires careful management.

Back in December Suretank signed a contract with ISS (Intelligent Information Systems) and embarked on Project Phoenix to implement a new EPR system and now the project is all systems go. 

The application of the new system, which will eventually be in operation in all Suretank business locations, has been apportioned into a five-phase plan; Scope, System Build, Test, Data Migration and Go Live, with a plan go live for October 2015. 

The first phase (Scope) of the Ireland / HQ system launch commenced in mid-January. The IIS consulting team have been on site for about 5 weeks at different points, working with the core Suretank team to build out the scope of exactly what each organisational function both wants and needs from the new system. This is a critical piece of work, as it’s pretty much our shopping list of requirements by department! All functions have been involved in this process; Sales, Customer Care, Finance/HR, Procurement, Manufacturing, Engineering, Quality Assurance and Marketing, with excellent inputs and contribution from all core team members. We are on track to complete the Scope sign off by end of March. 

As we move into build phase, we will be holding onsite workshops. The core launch team will also be broadened, as the workload will be expanding as the programme develops. This will give more people the opportunity to be involved first-hand and gain invaluable experience handling the system.

This project is another key invesment and stage of development for our growing company and one which helps position us for continued success within our industry.

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