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Suretank provide engineered solutions including offshore tanks and containers for the offshore oil and gas sector.

In the spotlight - Heather McCormack, Spare Parts Manager for offshore tanks and containers

In the spotlight - Heather McCormack, Spare Parts Manager for offshore tanks and containers

Read my latest interview to find out everything there is to know about our dedicated spare parts department.

1.    How long has Suretank's spare parts service been running for?

We have always offered spare parts to our customers but we have now put in place a fully dedicated team who work on spare parts and refurbishment of units. This team responds to customer enquiries and offers technical support and advice on equipment to ensure it's in safe working order.

2.    What type of products do you have available?

Suretank offer the full range of spare parts for their large product portfolio. This includes moving and non-moving parts.  It's not unusual for us to be sent a photo of a unit which has been damaged in operation, and asked to advise on what replacement part is required to get the unit fully operational again.

We also offer a refurbishment service. This involves the re-work on damaged or old units to return them to their best and make sure they are in safe working condition ready to be returned offshore and/or be recertified.

3.    Can Suretank offer customer specific manufactured parts?

Yes, Suretank has a dedicated engineering team who can offer bespoke solutions to suit our customers' needs. This may mean the redesign and manufacture of spare parts and associated components.

4.    Are all of your spare parts held in stock?

We have a wide range of items held in stock but we also offer items on short lead times of a couple of weeks. We also offer the option of arranging shipping to a particular destination.

5.    Describe a typical day in spare parts?

Typically I would spend a considerable amount of time answering customer queries. This will either involve offering standard off the shelf solutions or investigating more complex issues with the engineering team.

When we receive an enquiry which involves more advanced technical input our engineering team get involved.  They use their expertise and experience to find solutions that meet the customer's specific needs and all at an affordable cost.
I'll also spend time processing orders and updating customers on the status of their orders.

6.    Describe the process that you go through once a customer has placed an order?

Once an order is placed the customer receives an order acknowledgement with an estimated lead time. A technical specification is then issued to the factory. Once parts are complete and ready to ship the customer is contacted and shipping arrangements finalised.

7.    Do you just sell spare parts or do you offer any additional services?
Suretank not only supply spare parts but we also offer an inspection and refurbishment service. This involves inspecting units which may have been damaged in their time operating offshore and require some re-work.

We can arrange for a quality inspector to visit the unit at port or we can have the unit delivered to one of our 8 manufacturing plants globally. We can then do a full inspection of the tank and issue a report to the customer indicating what work is needed on the unit in order to return it to full working order and up to standard in order to be granted recertification.

We will carry out the re-work, which may include some spare parts, at one of our global manufacturing plants.

 After re-work is complete Suretank can also arrange for the certifying authority to inspect the unit and re-certify where necessary. This means damaged fleet can be returned to working order with full certification without the cost of replacing units with new ones.

8.    What are the biggest challenges facing Suretank's customers today? How can you help them address these?

Suretank understands the difficult conditions facing its customers and endeavour to cater for their current needs in the best way possible. It's one of the reasons we have launched the #suretankpledge.  Falling oil prices are having a direct effect on operations and we are all looking to cut costs where at all possible and reduce that bottom line.

By offering a comprehensive spare parts and refurbishment service, our customers are able to maintain their current fleet at a safe and operational condition without a large outlay of costs.

9.    What do you enjoy most about your role?

The best part about my role is responding to customers with solutions to help them get their equipment fully functioning again. Many of our customers don’t realise that the problem they have with their unit can be solved quite easily with the right spare part. So advising them on their options and being able to provide an engineering solution to solve their problem is the best part about my job.

10.    What are your three guiding business principles?

Listen to your customers. It is only when you listen to their needs that you can really understand their situation and deliver to their expectations.

Strive for continuous improvement. This applies across our products, services and processes and is critical if we are to grow as an organisation.

Honesty. It's always best to be upfront with people. That way they know what to expect and can plan ahead.

11.    What's the best way for people to get in touch with the spare parts team?

Submit an enquiry through our website here
Tel: Heather McCormack +353416862022

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