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Suretank provide engineered solutions including offshore tanks and containers for the offshore oil and gas sector.

InterTradeIreland Venture Capital Conference

InterTradeIreland Venture Capital Conference

I was recently asked to attend the 13th InterTradeIreland Venture Capital Conference in Belfast and it was a pleasure to be able to meet some great people in business in Ireland and an honour to be able to discuss business alongside so many greats.

At Suretank we have been quietly building a name for ourselves by manufacturing the very best offshore containers, offshore chemical tanks, lined acid tanks, helifuel tanks and other related products in the world. It's taken time for us to establish our position and has only been possible thanks to the team mentality that we share within our company.

Attending this event highlights that there are many businesses in many sectors in Ireland that are achieving similar success and the interest of venture capitalists. VC activity was up 6% in 2013 from €260m to €284m which is hugely encouraging.

My main message to the conference was that as an entrepreneur you have to look at it from the investor's perspective; they are taking a calculated risk and are backing the people at the heart of the company. So you need to be committed, love your customers and love the buzz of the business you are building. You have to have ambition and enthusiasm and believe in yourself to take risks; no matter what business you are in. Inevitably, you are going to encounter setbacks along the way, but it's about how you come back from those setbacks that counts and what investors are interested in. Suretank could not have achieved the success we have without the belief in the business and our team, and the necessary support received from early stage investors. It was through their support that we have been able to build the team and company to the place that it is in today.

Team is a word that comes up again and again and in my mind it transcends our business into the market. When people work with Suretank this is what they see, we work as a team, develop products as a team and react to challenges quickly and efficiently because we are a team. It's the most important aspect of our continued success.

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