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Prior Diesel to adopt new corporate identity

Prior Diesel to adopt new corporate identity

Prior Diesel, a Suretank company, is delighted to today reveal a new corporate identity.
The amalgamation with Suretank has created much excitement within Prior Diesel, and we are very proud of the immensely successful position the Dunleer-based engineering firm have earned within the Oil and Gas industry.


Thus, this new approach, which will encompass all aspects of our operations, will see our logo and marketing presence changing to reflect our position within the Suretank Group. The style runs parallel to the traditional orange and blue identity of Suretank, and our new logo has been designed in the same font and format as the Oil and Gas experts, of course including the distinguished marque.
The transition will be incremental, and a full change-over plan has been put in place to incorporate the many different elements that are touched by the branding scheme, for example our social media channels, product sheets and stationery, signage on site in Greater Yarmouth and even the labels on our products. Further to this, a full redevelopment of our website has been commissioned, which will offer users a more practical and enjoyable online Prior Diesel experience.
Suretank has always been praised for the simplicity and distinguished efficiency of their branding approach and market presence thanks to a well established public relations strategy. We are enthusiastic about adopting this identity and market facing communications strategy to leverage benefits from both business’s positions as global-leaders in our respective industries.

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