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Safety Halo initiative introduced at Dunleer Factory

Safety Halo initiative introduced at Dunleer Factory

The ‘continuous improvement’ safety culture that is so pertinent to operations within our factory at corporate headquarters Dunleer has encouraged our latest initiative.

To facilitate the need for increased awareness regarding safe factory-floor equipment transport practice, the new ‘Safety Halo’ initiative is designed to outline how people should behave in the presence of a forklift. Forklifts are operated in very confined spaces both within the factory and in the yard, and it is imperative that both the forklift drivers and passing pedestrians are aware of their ‘duty of care’.

The initiative is based around two ‘Safety Halos’, one set 3ft from the machine and another 5ft from the machine. Should someone enter the first zone, known as the ‘Halo’ zone (blue), the vehicle should become immediately stationary, with all lift movement ceasing, forks lowered and the vehicle placed in neutral.  The ‘Red zone’ requires equal concentration on both the operator and pedestrians behalf; both parties must maintain eye contact, the pedestrian must communicate his or her intentions to the driver, who is in turn obliged to stop and yield the right of way. This new forklift policy also states that the forklift operator must always look in the direction of travel. If view is obstructed, the lift must be operated in reverse.

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