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Support and advice for recertification of offshore equipment

Support and advice for recertification of offshore equipment

Recertification of offhore equipment represents a significant but necessary logistical challenge for customers. At Suretank all of our offshore tanks and offshore containers are manufactured to the most stringent codes and standards. Customers receive a full documentation pack with their finished unit(s) which contains records of all stages of the design and manufacturing process. However, it is at this stage, that responsibility for code compliance and recertification passes from Suretank to our customers.

The mandatory code requirements vary from product to product. Offshore containers must be recertified annually and all offshore tanks certified every 2.5 years. For transport containers, the main codes to be considered are DNV 2.7-1 and IMDG. All tanks and containers must undergo periodic recertification, without exception

At Suretank it's important to us that customers' equipment remains safe and in working order for as long as possible. We want you to get the best return on your investment and recertification can be costly if equipment fails to comply first time around.

That's why, as part of our aftersales service and the Suretank Pledge we regularly provide customers with ongoing technical support and advice for their products.  We have regular contact with many of the major approval agencies, including DNV-GL, Lloyds Register, ABS, BV, RSA and NSAI. We can help diagnose problems and our dedicated spare parts department stocks the full range of replacement parts for offshore tanks and offshore containers.

We can arrange for an inspection of your unit at port, or we can have the unit delivered to one of our 8 manufacturing plants globally. We can then carry out a full assessment of the work required in order to be granted recertification.  After re-work is complete we can organise recertification with the appropriate certifying authority.  

For any technical support or advice with your equipment please contact us here

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