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Suretank back railway campaign

Suretank back railway campaign

Suretank are delighted to announce their position as main sponsors to the ‘Stop at Dunleer’ campaign, a project organised to try and re-open the currently decommissioned Dunleer railway station.


Re-opening Dunleer station is a most logical proposal. It has existing infrastructure, is situated with plenty of available adjoining land, is on the busiest line on the island, in an area where the population can only grow, and is located roughly in the middle of the longest (40km) gap between stations in Ireland. That’s before all the green issues are taken into account, like carbon emissions, European policy on rail expansion, and overcrowded motorways.

The campaign, almost 12 months old, was identified as a major local incentive, and was something that we at Suretank were very keen to get involved in. Both conscious and proud of our Dunleer roots, we have previously sponsored local causes such as the Dunleer Annual Parade, Lann Leire GFC, Dunleer Tidy Towns, the Rose of Dunleer and the Lann Leire Review. Undoubtedly passionate about the locality, we were immediately enthused about this project when first approached, realising the added value it could offer the town by reinstating a service many would avail off.

The sign we sponsored was erected this week in the town, and we are hopeful that this project will prove a success. For more information, visit

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