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Suretank provide engineered solutions including offshore tanks and containers for the offshore oil and gas sector.

Suretank Engineering Design Services

Suretank Engineering Design Services

At Suretank we are known for our experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of custom onshore equipment & market leading offshore tanks and containers. We design, build and deliver direct to the customer to their specific demands.

Working with our clients from the outset of a project, we can deliver maximum value, provide innovative solutions to technical and logistical challenges, and identify and mitigate risks at the earliest stages of the project. Key success metrics for our customers are time to market and cost to market with superior quality and built in safety of paramount importance.

Suretank is committed to providing an extensive range of turnkey, value-added design and engineering services. The Suretank design teams have executed numerous design-build projects for our customers across a wide spectrum of industries on a global scale. Our design and engineering teams bring value to the product development process by being involved at virtually every stage of the design cycle — from concept through detailed design to manufacture.

Suretank’s engineering design team sees professional engineers throughout the company applying their talents to design, support, and meet our customers’ objectives. Suretanks’ engineers come from a wide variety of industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Agriculture, Energy, healthcare, Sustainability & Environmental and of course the offshore industry which offers our customers’ a wide spectrum of engineering know how which can only enable more intuitive products & services.

Suretank is highly experienced in providing a full range of innovative and cost efficient engineering services such as Corrosion Prevention analysis, Product/Equipment Design, Calculations to various Codes/standards, Analysis of Structures (Fixed Platforms, Floating Work Platforms, Crane / Lifting Devices design), Thermal analysis, Fluid Dynamics, Structural Combined Analysis such as Wind/Wave/Snow/Rain loading, Bolting Analysis and Design, and fatigue Analysis,

In-house mechanical, electrical, structural, and project engineering expertise allows us to execute both small and large-scale projects, on time and within budget. Utilising best in class engineering tools such as ANSYS, Teamwork and Solidworks, our Engineering Design practice drives technical excellence and enhances project delivery. All our engineers are certified Solidworks professional which enables highly accomplished and accurate design modules customers can review without compromise.

The engineering team utilises best in class product data management (PDM) & product lifecycle management (PLM) systems which solidify the engineering team by automating workflow processes and boost productivity, resulting in faster product time-to-market, shorter development cycles, reduced development costs, and better product designs.

PDM & PLM empower the engineering team to deliver on time by enabling the team to track and manage all product changes/revisions/approvals, drives efficiencies in our global organisation through electronic distribution and improve productivity by re-using product design information and enhance collaboration globally.

Through integrated engineering, review, design, and manufacture teams, we are able to deliver successful projects for a variety of customers in various industries. We are committed to providing quality design and superior customer service. 

We have long established close working relationships with third party approval bodies such as DNV-GL, Lloyds, ABS and BV. Recent new development projects include our onshore data centre modules, A60 workshops and cabins, Refrigerated containers, Low profile tanks, Subsea baskets, Cryogenic tanks and Acid tanks.

We're observing a growing demand for our engineering services as more and more customers are looking for consultancy support and advice on projects, for both the re-design of existing units to improve performance and extend working life, and the design of new equipment to improve efficiency and safety.

For more information on our engineering design services please contact us direct for more information.

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