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Suretank provide engineered solutions including offshore tanks and containers for the offshore oil and gas sector.

Worldwide DNV Certification

Anyone working in the offshore industry knows that safety is of paramount importance and more and more markets are starting to demand high standards with regards the quality and safety of offshore equipment. It's something that we've always recognised at Suretank, engineering only the highest quality products.  We're very proud of the fact that we're the largest manufacturer of DNV certified products in the world and the only company to develop all of its products to DNV certification.Having global standards, such as DNV, that offshore equipment must adhere to is extremely important in ensuring that standards remain high and it's encouraging to learn of developments in markets such as New Zealand where in the near future it may become mandatory for all offshore cargo carrying equipment to be certified to DNV2.7-1. Suretank has invested heavily in equipment and processes to ensure a high quality product is produced at ALL our factories worldwide and so we welcome any developments in this area.

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Safer offshore chemical tank, DNV 2.7-1 certified


In response to recent industry trends and following close discussions with key customers to listen to market requirements, Suretank has developed a new range of low profile tanks of various capacities. The new design optimises tank capacity within the offshore frame, whilst keeping the height below 1.8m which is an international threshold for working at heights.

The design includes many new features including a unique top & bottom design which provides full drainage, vessel fully removable for maintenance and a new stacking arrangement which is compliant with the latest industry requirements (including DNV 2.7-1, 2013).

The new design is easy to clean and allows clear access and visibility to all valves and fittings. The foot-print is ideal for shipping in a standard 40’ container, with 4-way fork pockets available depending on customer preference.

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New offshore container stacking system

New offshore container stacking system

Suretank has developed a new stacking design which is being rolled out following several incidents in the field. Safety in the offshore oil and gas sector is our principal driving force at Suretank and so we have made modifications to the design of the padeye to avoid the potential for snagging.

As with all of our products, the designs have been modified and agreed with DNV and comply to the latest DNV 2.7-1, (2013) code.

The ability to stack offshore tanks and containers is crucial to our customers given the space constraints and so it is important to point out that the modifications we have made will not inhibit this, the key, as with all of our work is that it makes the practice safer. The new padeye designs will be present on all new Suretank products including cryogenics tanks, helifuel tanks and the full range of offshore containers.



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