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Suretank provide engineered solutions including offshore tanks and containers for the offshore oil and gas sector.

The Strength of Suretank’s World-Wide Presence - Small matter, Big Impact

The Strength of Suretank’s World-Wide Presence - Small matter, Big Impact

In today's challenging market conditions our ability to diversify, provide a world class customer experience and a truly global service is of growing importance to Suretank Thailand and our customers.

At Suretank Thailand we are starting to diversify by using our knowledge and skills in similar industries. We recently provided welding services to a windmill park in Thailand for several 10metre diameter base plates. The same customer placed an urgent order with us for the supply of parts to be delivered to Japan. The design required purchased parts from a specific supplier in the US.

Although the supplier was unable to deliver outside the US we were able to source them via Suretank US who purchased the parts and delivered them to Thailand through our own global distribution channels. All this was completed within four working days and we were able to delight our customer with on-time delivery. I dare to say, that no one competitor at least in Thailand would have been able to react that fast. This is one of Suretank's strengths.

A few weeks later, we were scheduled to deliver tanks to a customer in Australia. Unfortunately, a critical part failed days before the planned delivery. The supplier advised a lead-time of more than 8 weeks for a replacement part. However the same part was found from a supplier in the UK with a much shorter lead-time. Suretank Thailand was able to purchase and arrange delivery of the part through the Suretank's UK based company Prior Diesel.

Delivery to Australia was organised within the same week. The part even arrived before the tanks, which were shipped by sea from Thailand to Australia. Again, this matter could not have been resolved to the expectation of the customer without the strong cooperation between Suretank Group companies world-wide. This is one of our strengths and sets us apart from the competition.

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