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Suretank provide engineered solutions including offshore tanks and containers for the offshore oil and gas sector.

Unique Modular Spreader Beams from Suretank Thailand

Unique Modular Spreader Beams from Suretank Thailand

Suretank Thailand is always looking at ways of employing its Lean fabrication capabilities and experience for new offshore solutions, using world class standards and the highest quality.

One good example of such a solution is CEA Surelift’s unique modular spreader beams, which come in 6 thoughtfully planned sizes from 50 tons to 400 tons, and now include 3 further smaller sizes to include 12, 24 and 34 tonne capacity. They permit variable length to suit the load requirements and eliminate the possibility of incorrect assembly.

Suretank Thailand has been appointed by CEA Surelift to manufacture the spreader beams to their high standard and quality requirements, including DNV certification. The manufacturing process requires high precision to meet CEA Surelift’s tight tolerances. Suretank Thailand is proud to have been named CEA Surelift's manufacturing partner in Thailand.

“We are delighted with the consistent high quality of fabrication and documentation that Suretank provide, allowing us operate in the international offshore market with great confidence.” Daniel Hall, Technical Director, CEA Engineering Consult Co. Ltd.

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