The SC 2000 is a robust T75 offshore cryogenic tank used to transport bulk cryogenic liquids to offshore rigs. This compact design is constructed to withstand the harsh environment when working on oil platforms and is approved for transport by rail, road and sea.

The SC 2000 is true to Suretank's design principles of full compliance to DNV 2.7-1, ADR, US DOT, IMDG, ASME, CSC and other international standards, providing optimum access and storage, long life and low maintenance. The 10ft version is produced with higher working pressures (as standard) and can be used for LIN and additional cryogenic liquids. This bolt-down version has a fully removable tank and pipe work, for easy maintenance of both the frame and vessel. Customers also have the option of specifying a stainless steel or carbon steel outer vessel, depending on their requirements.

We currently have the following cryogenic tanks in stock, follow the links for more details:

20ft 17 Bar cryogenic tank

10ft 6 Bar cryogenic tank

13ft 3 Bar cryogenic tank


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