Surehouse encompasses our complete range of prefabricated and modular designs as an alternative to the traditional on-site building structures for housing power, data, communication and fuel delivery equipment. Surehouse provides an integrated modular containerised solution that enables customers to deal with a sole supplier from designing to start-up on-site. All Surehouse modular containers and designs come completely assembled and tested at our facilities worldwide.

Modular container

Making a strategic decision to select a modern prefabricated alternative to traditional structures brings with it a host of advantages. 

Scalability: A modular approach, which allows for a ‘build as you grow’ model – facilitating a centre’s ability to accommodate sustained growth whilst making best use of plant capacity.
Speed of Deployment: With a shorter timeframe from plan to deployment than traditional structures
Mobility: Surehouse structures come pre-engineered – ready to be deployed quickly and easily when they arrive on-site. On-site costs are significantly lowered by outsourcing prefabricated modular containers which can come completely assembled, tested and delivered to the site.
Flexibility: Modular systems can accommodate specific customer needs and change without major work to the physical IT infrastructure.
Efficiency: A system that converges power, data, communication and fuel delivery equipment into one infrastructure, reduces complexity and enhances performance.
Reliability: Modular facilities eliminate costly on-site errors where the units have been manufactured off-site, fully assembled and tested before delivery to the site.


Standardisation: Suretank collaborates closely with its customers and industry partners to standardise modular units which leads to significant cost savings.

Surehouse offers an alternative way to manage your project by offering a fully assembled, third party certified, secure and safe modular building that can be delivered to any location worldwide. All Surehouse products will comply with all approvals and certifications required at the final destination. Rest assured, Surehouse is the ideal modular partner for your project.

Our Services:

  • Project & Programme Management Expertise
  • Design (all phases)
  • 3D Visualisation
  • Electrical Fit-out
  • Fire safety & suppression
  • Security systems
  • Mechanical
  • Procurement
  • Project controls, risk, schedule & cost management
  • Commissioning, on-site assessments, fit-outs & support
  • LEAN manufacturing processes
  • DNV 2.7-1
  • ISO 9001:2015 & I.S. EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011 EXC 2 accredited systems 


Suretank value proposition

Surehouse will significantly reduce the lifetime investment cycle, from customer order up to on-site deployment and start-up:

  • The delivery time for a complete Surehouse modular solution is only a few weeks longer than it would take to source the equipment directly
  • Equipment and auxilliary systems are fully tested prior to delivery (FATs - Factory Acceptance Tests)
  • Shipping is easier and shorter
  • On-site civil works are significantly reduced saving time and money

Surehouse reduces installation investment as well as operational and maintenance costs:

  • Highly qualified personnel are not required for its assembly
  • Design is customised or standardised to meet customer requirements, which can be scaled up to meet future needs
  • Significant works on site are not required
  • Installation and deployment can be scheduled to suit the customers’ on-site requirements to minimise disruption and reduce costs. 


Modular Container Solutions

Modular container solutionsModular_container_advantages.pngModular_containers_scalable.jpgModular_container_reliability.jpgModular_container_rapid_deployment.jpgModular_container_flexibility.jpgModular_container_efficiency.jpgModular_container_mobility.jpg