Process Engineering Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

As part of Suretank's Process Engineering Solutions (Surepro) portfolio, we have continued to diversify our product range by recently supplying a 21,000 litre Glycol Chilled Water Holding Tank to the Pharmaceutical industry here in Ireland. This tank was designed to ASME VIII-1 and was supplied complete with insulation and stainless steel clad...
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Vertical Chemical Tanks destined for special use in Malaysia

We recently supplied four specialised vertical T11 chemical tanks for a customer in Malaysia. Certified to DNV 2.7-1, EN12079 and the IMDG code, the 2,900 Litre capacity tanks were not only engineered to meet the rigorous standards required for the offshore oil and gas industry, but also to meet specific parameters set by the end user. As with all ...
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Hammer Transport Baskets to Siberia

As a global manufacturer we deliver to customers all over the world and recently delivered a batch of Hammer Transport Baskets to Siberia. The 10 and 11 metre Hammer Transport Baskets were supplied for the storage and transportation of differing models of the Hydrohammers which are used for driving piles and steel piping. Working closely with the c...
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More Offshore Engineering Solutions

Offshore chemical tank
Suretank's product portfolio is continually growing, and includes many designs - some standard and some bespoke. At Suretank we are an engineering solutions company, and can build whatever the customer requires – such as Tanks/CCUs for the offshore oil & gas industry, Modular Containerised Solutions, and Process Engineering Solutions suitable f...
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Process Engineering Solutions for the Pharma industry

Process Engineering Solutions for the Pharma industry
We continue to meet the demands of our growing customer base for our Process Engineering Solutions. Recently this involved the design, manufacture and shipment of a batch of 10,000L stainless steel Process Aqueous Waste Neutralisation tanks to a customer in the pharmaceutical industry. The tanks were supplied with a bolted manlid on Davitt arms, fl...
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