Modular Skids & Kiosks

Suretank offers a complete range of prefabricated and modular designs.


Suretank’s kiosks are used when a small enclosure is required to house an individual piece of equipment that does not require a full modular building.

Kiosks are typically found in industries from Data Centres to Mining and Life Sciences, and house items such as Ring Main Units (RMU), Transformers, Variable Speed Drives (VSD) and low-voltage panels. In mechanical applications, kiosks are used for CIP and Pump applications.

Kiosks can be customer designed to suit specific project requirements and can be supplied with cable/pipe penetrations, lighting, anti-condensation heaters, roller shutters and hydraulic hatches etc.

Power Skids

Suretank’s Modular Power Skids allow our customers maximise offsite assembly of power distribution panels. This minimise on site re-joining and testing, which saves valuable time on tight schedules.

Suretank’s range of Power Distribution Skids begins with 2m long skids, for PDU’s and LV panels, right up to 18m long skids to allow the full offsite assembly of substations.

All skids are certified according to EN 1090 and full type testing in the form of a lift test to check deflection under loaded conditions can be provided by Suretank’s testing department, on our on-site lift test rig, which has a test capacity of 60 tonne.

Mechanical Skid

Suretank’s Mechanical Skids are used in various industries from Life Sciences to offshore Energy.

Mechanical skids are used to facilitate the offsite assembly and testing of multi-component systems such as those containing pumps, vessels, process pipe work, power and controls.

Examples of such mechanical skids are helicopter refuelling skids for the offshore energy sector and pump skids for water treatment.

Service Skids

Service Skids are used to facilitate the offsite assembly of building services such as ductwork, pipe work, electrical containment.

These skids save time on site by installing the service in a controlled factory environment onto the skids before shrink wrapping and transporting to site in sections to form full corridor or riser runs.

Suretank’s BIM department can coordinate the skid design on the clients federated model to ensure a seamless integration with all services.

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