Modular Solutions – Offsite Manufacturing (OSM)

Offsite Manufacturing (OSM) Overview

Suretank’s Modular Solutions range encompasses our complete range of prefabricated and modular designs as an alternative to the traditional on-site building structures for housing power, data, communication and fuel delivery equipment.  Suretank Modular Solutions provides an integrated modular containerised solution that enables customers to deal with a sole supplier from designing to start-up on-site.  All our modular containers and designs come completely assembled and tested at our manufacturing & fit-out facilities in Co. Louth, Ireland.

Making a strategic decision to select a modern prefabricated alternative to traditional structures brings with it a host of advantages. 

Suretank Value Proposition

  • Suretank Modular Solutions will significantly reduce the lifetime investment cycle, from customer order up to on-site deployment and start-up.
  • Suretank Modular Solutions reduces installation investment as well as operational and maintenance costs.
  • Highly qualified personnel are not required for assembly.
  • Design is customised or standardised to meet customer requirements, which can be scaled up to meet future needs.
  • Significant works on site are not required.
  • Installation and deployment can be scheduled to suit the customers’ on-site requirements to minimise disruption and reduce costs.

Our Suretank Modular Solutions range includes the following product types…

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