OSM Ancilliary Services

Suretank offers a complete range of prefabricated and modular designs.


A Suretank gantry is a steel fabricated structure that supports a modular building.

It offers a fast, effective solution when a module must be a specific height – whether to match an existing floor level or accommodate bottom entry cables with a large bend radius.

Suretank’s gantry significantly reduces site labour when delivered fully assembled, and can be coated with an intumescent paint system when a specific fire rating is required.

Stairs & Platforms

For access to a high-level module or kiosk, Suretank offers a variety of platform and stair solutions.

Platform walkways can be fitted with serrated flow forge, chequer plate or GRP. Handrails/stanchions can be fabricated from hollow section or pipe depending on customer requirements.

Offsite manufacturing (OSM) plays a key role here as stairs and platforms can be delivered to site fully assembled.

Passive Fire Protection

Many of Suretank’s modular solutions offer passive fire protection.

All aspects of protection can be provided from direction/duration to integrity/insulation. This can be achieved by multiple means – from sandwich panels to fire board or intumescent paint engineered to suit client needs.

Penetrations of all sizes can be included in this protection too, whether it’s cabling, piping or ventilation.

HVAC + Fire design

Much of the equipment housed within Suretank’s Modular Solutions range requires a heating/cooling system. This is achieved via an air-conditioning Dx or CRAC system depending on heat load. All systems are installed and commissioned prior to module delivery on site. Systems can interface with BMS on site depending on client requirements.

In addition to passive fire protection, fire suppression/fire alarm and VESDA systems can be installed and commissioned within the modules prior to site delivery.

The system can be designed to meet client requirements; be fully addressable, if needed, and interface with BMS on site.

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