Suretank supplies OSM Modular electrical buildings to Biotechnology company

Sector:          Life Science

Client:            Confidential

Project:         Modular electrical buildings for plant upgrade and expansion

04 November 2021

Project Overview:

The project brief was to design from concept stage, in conjunction with our client, two modular electrical buildings and a fire rated support structure to elevate the larger building 3m above ground level to facilitate cable management systems.

What was the customers end goal?

The end goal of the customer was to upgrade the electrical power system on their site using as much offsite manufacturing as possible.

What were the challenges?

The main challenge on the project was designing such a large structure to fit in a minimum footprint on-site, while maximising offsite manufacturing. In addition to this there was a detailed fire safety plan, which had to be complied with and this influenced what materials could be used for the modular buildings and structural steel support gantry.

How did Suretank approach the project?

Suretank’s first engagement with our customer on the project was in the initial design stage. At this stage a number of technical points were discussed and draft documents produced before any tendering took place. This early design engagement by our sales team is a demonstration of our consultative approach and good working relationship with long-standing customers, and our ability to bring a project from concept, right through to installation over a multi-year duration.
Once the project was awarded, Suretank’s structural design team firstly designed the structure of the building and produced technical reports for client approval. Once this milestone was reached, detailed mechanical and architectural design took place with the full project being developed in BIM for integration with the federated site model. Full compliance to the relevant building regulations and BCAR documentation was also a mandatory requirement.

Manufacture began at our Dunleer fabrication facility by our team of certified welders, working in shifts to build the two buildings and support steel work in a number of weeks. Through this process, our Quality Team performed NDT such as MPI weld inspections on structural welds, pull tests on lifting eyes in our certified test rig and various test through the painting process.

Once painting was complete, the modules then moved to our dedicated modular fit-out facility in Castlebellingham, where our mechanical and electrical fit-out teams took over. In this facility our client delivered their free-issue equipment, which was also installed by the team in Castlebellingham before commissioning and FAT by our client.

After successful completion of the FATs and completion of civil works on-site, Suretank’s Site Team competed the installation of the two modular buildings (measuring 6.9m x 1.9m x 2.8m & 2.1m x 4m x 4.2m), gantry support structure, on site cladding of support structure, personnel access and emergency egress stairways

What ‘expertise’ did Suretank bring to the project?

  1. Knowledge of the product and the industry
  2. Project management
  3. Structural design
  4. Mechanical / Electrical design
  5. Fabrication of large structures
  6. Mechanical & Electrical Fit-Out
  7. Site Installation

What was the outcome for the customer?

• Minimised work on site by maximising Off-Site Manufacturing (OSM).
• Suretank were able to store the electrical equipment in our OFCI storage facility and install when required

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