What sets Suretank apart from the rest…

Operating in our traditional Oil & Gas market for over 25 years, the manufacture of products to safely transport chemicals and goods in the offshore oil and gas industry required a focused approach to quality and health & safety that transcended every area of operation.

Suretank produces equipment for all sectors – including modular buildings, skids, offshore tanks & containers, cryogenic tanks, acid tanks, helifuel tanks, offshore workshops & cabins, mud skips and other bespoke pressure vessel equipment – that are designed and built with safety as the driving factor.

From day one, Suretank has been purely focused on producing the very best equipment available. The quality of Suretank products today are a result of continually striving towards that goal.

Quality and consistency is achieved at all Suretank manufacturing sites through the employment of the same proven quality management system across all global locations.

Suretank’s Quality Management System is subject to regular review both internally and by customers to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness to meet legislative, customer requirements and corporate quality objectives.

Our certifications speak for themselves and include:

Suretank can design and certify to any required standard, including ADR, RID & IMDG – contact our Sales Team to discuss your particular requirements at or call us on +353 (0)41 686 2022.

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