Manufacturing & Storage Facilities


Suretank Group is headquartered in Dunleer, Co. Louth, Ireland – where our main manufacturing facility is based. We also have a modular fit-out facility close by in Castlebellingham, Co. Louth.

Our Dunleer location consists of a 4,000m2 fabrication, welding, shot-blast and paint shop, with a further (1,000m2) secure storage and supply chain facility – while our Castlebellingham facility consists of a 2,900m2 dedicated modular fit-out workshop and 850m2 segregated OFCI equipment staging area.

With only 7km distance between our facilities, both are strategically situated along the M1 motorway, with easy access to all main transport links.

Suretank also has manufacturing facilities located in Poland, Thailand and China, which enable us to deliver to our global customer base.


At our Houma, Louisiana facility – we have a main shop at 16,500ft2 and a secondary shop at 6,500ft2, which houses an assembly and paint area – the total facility sits on 5 acres.

From this site, Suretank can supply to the North American and South American markets.


Strategically located close to Eastern Europe and Nordic regions, our Polish facility is based in Czluchow and specialises in the manufacture of onshore/offshore containers, modules & skids. We also have on-site Project Management, Quality Control and Design capabilities.

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