Recertification & Refurbishment


Offshore Tank and Container Recertification

Equipment recertification is required for ongoing safety in the offshore environment and the mandatory code requirements can often be challenging and must involve a notified body.

Suretank has an unrivalled wealth of experience of 25+ years and more accreditations than any other company in the field. We are well positioned to advise and assist in the recertification process for all the approval agencies, including DNV-GL, Lloyds Register, ABS, BV, RSA and NSAI.

Whether you need 2.5yr/5yr periodic recertification, for example, let Suretank partner with you and assist in navigating the rules and regulations of recertification.

At Suretank it’s important to us that customers’ equipment remains safe and in working order for as long as possible. We want you to get the best return on your investment and recertification can be costly if equipment fails to comply first time around. We regularly provide customers with ongoing technical support and documentation to ensure mandatory code compliance when it comes to recertification of Suretank products.

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Onshore/Offshore equipment refurbishment

Extending the life of your equipment can save you money, reduce capital expenditure and increase return on investment.

With our long history of operating as a manufacturer of equipment for both the onshore/offshore sectors and our experienced engineering design team, Suretank is the obvious partner for your refurbishment needs. The refurbishment of equipment is handled by the very same specialist engineers that are involved in manufacturing Suretank’s market leading range of products. This means you can rely on the quality of the work as they apply the same exacting standards on refurbishment jobs as they would with a new build.

It is our goal to restore ‘out of operation’ units back to safe working condition, and ensure quality, safety and cost savings in every project. We pride ourselves by ensuring the quality and safety of units is maintained throughout the refurbishment process.

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Before Refurbishment

After Refurbishment

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