Dry Goods Containers

Suretank’s Offshore Dry Goods Containers are used for the transport of general cargo (laundry, spare parts, work tools etc.) in the oil and gas industry.

The containers are designed and manufactured to the DNV 2.7-1 and ISO 10855 standards (for units with a maximum gross weight greater than 25000kg the containers are designed and manufactured to the DNV 2.7-3 standard). There are also options which include CSC certification.

The Offshore Dry Goods Containers include internal lashing points and external tag line points. Cargo net attaching points are included as standard. Cargo nets can be supplied / fitted if required.

Double Cargo doors on one end are included as standard, options are available to fit side doors, personnel doors or to other customer specific requirements.

All Suretank Dry Goods Containers are shotblasted and painted with 3 coat offshore paint system as standard (285 microns NDFT), customer specific painting can be included on request.
Standard sizes are 3m (10ft), 6m (20ft) and Shelved/Unshelved Mini Containers. The product can also be manufactured at any other required size up to 40ft long.